The Condor Cargo Team

Peter Lamy, Managing Director

peterPeter Lamy was raised in the cargo industry—his father, Donald Lamy, was North American Director of Air New Zealand Cargo. He took his first airline job on the ramp of Flying Tigers in the early ’80s. Over the years, he managed airline cargo operations at the LAX airport for carriers such as Braniff, Amerijet, and Aeromexico. In 1991, Peter made the switch from airline operations to wholesale freight forwarding in the South Pacific. In 1994, he was the first employee of a new wholesale forwarder that focused primarily on the New Zealand and Australian lane trade. By the time he departed the company in 2012, Peter had grown the company into a global forwarder.

Peter has amassed a wealth of relationships and knowledge over the years, and he leverages all of them to the benefit of his customers at Condor Cargo.

Graham Burford, Managing Director

grahamAs a young man in Australia, Graham Burford began his logistics career running documents around the Sydney airport. He quickly gained experience in every department of a retail freight forwarder before specializing in air and ocean freight consolidations from the United States to Asia.

This experience took Graham to Asia in 2005, where he was a route development manager for one of Asia’s largest international freight forwarding and logistics companies. In late 2007, Graham relocated to the U.S. to work with a U.S.-based air freight consolidator as vice president of sales. As a result of developing new trade lanes and expanding the company’s footprint to new destinations, Graham oversaw a 40 percent revenue increase over his first five years. He now oversees business development and relationship management for Condor Cargo.

Alex Knowles, Managing Director

Alex KnowlesAlex entered the industry as a management trainee with the Shipping Corporation of New Zealand, allowing him to combine his attendance at the university with learning the industry position by position. This included stints in stevedoring, at sea time, and a total immersion of the industry. Which lead to a position in the USA and ended up as EVP of one of the most innovative and profitable ocean carriers of its time. He was instrumental in launching and creating Australia New Zealand Direct Line.

After the creation of ANZDL, Alex moved back to New Zealand and was instrumental in leading the campaign to remove cabotage and drive the changes in the Tasman Accord that resulted in strongly lowering the cost of ocean transportation in these sectors.

Following another stint realigning ANZDL, Alex choose to take the role as COO of Direct Container Line ultimately leading to the formation of NACA and the Vanguard group , after completing the integration of this group, Alex chose to take a more entrepreneurial path focused on building a range of businesses in the software, and wider transportation sectors.

Today Alex brings his expertise to Condor Cargo, focusing on strategic directions and seeking enhancements for the group.