There’s More To Ocean Freight Than Ocean Freight

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The Ocean Voyage Is Never The End Of Your Freight’s Journey

Every ocean journey entails thousands of tosses and turns so it’s imperative that your cargo is loaded and braced securely and safely to prevent shifting and ensure it comes out of the container in the same condition it went in.

All of our export cargo is received and loaded with attention to detail and close adherence to procedures put in place to protect your freight.

We can take care of any kind of load. Over-sized? Overweight? Out of gauge? No problem. Our comprehensive services can provide solutions on any leg of the journey from pick-up to final mile, loading, unloading, even crating, re-packing, and DG documentation. With strategic drayage services we can save you money, and help you fight and avoid per diem charges; we’ll not only protect your freight but also your bottom line.

Whatever your end-to-end ocean freight needs are, we have the expertise, network, and resources to ensure your success.


LCL Consolidation

Do you have complex, expensive ocean freight challenges to deal with? Then it’s time to get in touch with your new team of logistics professionals at Condor Cargo.

We have solutions for the type of freight you’re shipping, whether it’s full container load, less than container load, break-bulk, out of gauge, etc. We provide full LCL consolidation and deconsolidation services at our warehouse and storage facility located within minutes of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We’ll handle all your import and export requirements with packing, unpacking, repackaging, container loading and unloading services.

We also have the storage, warehousing, and cross-docking capabilities you need. What’s the bottom line? We have the people, processes, technology, and infrastructure you’ve been looking for in a logistics partner.


You need to get your freight from your origin warehouse dock across the international maritime shipping lanes, into the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and to its final destination. A crucial leg of that journey is from the dock to our warehouse/container freight station. And that first move from the dock involves drayage services.

We’ve got you covered with drayage services to keep your freight moving:

Competitive rates

Experienced port drivers and dispatchers

Container monitoring to avoid delays, demurrage, and per diem

Night shift for reduced port congestion

Using our extensive network and experience around local ports, we are always well-equipped to offer a drayage solution, no matter the obstacle. We know the terminals, so you don’t have to.


Does your freight have special packaging requirements? Our team can make any alterations necessary to your freight to meet customers’ needs. Whether it’s sorting and segregating, re-palletizing, or crating, our team is on hand to ensure your freight is packed securely and up to international shipping standards.

Our commitment to you as your strategic freight logistics team is very straightforward. We’ll strive to make sure every one of your shipments will be always on time, always on budget, and always intact.

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Callum Bartlett

Callum Bartlett

Ocean Export Operations Manager